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PWF - Doose GmBH

PWF – Doose operates an advanced industrial production facility for metal AM parts. Our high-precision CNC production line ensures top-quality finishing. Utilizing cutting-edge SLM and DED machining techniques to integrate new functions, restore worn components, and enhance specific properties, their customers benefit from increased productivity in optimized tools, molds, jigs, and production aids as well as swift and reliable access to spare parts via “AM on demand”. A comprehensive toolmaking company, they excel in the entire value chain, offering solutions for high-productivity tools, such as conformal cooling, lightweight components, contributing to shorter “time to market” for AM and tooling parts. Click here to learn more.


My Printing Factory 3D is a company specialized in the manufacture of custom trophies for all kinds of events. We have become one of the national references in the creation of trophies, medals and merchandising in 3D. We offer our customers unique designs, which provide a differential and exclusive value to all projects and all brands. We are one of the largest printing farms in Spain. We have more than 130 printers working 24 hours a day to get our orders ready as soon as possible.  Click here to learn more.

Winkle_vector logo_MPF3D


Winkle is a company specialized in the manufacture of 3D filaments. We were born out of the need to find a partner that Customers could trust. Thanks to this, we have managed to create a high-quality filament at very competitive price. They have a wide variety of materials and we can boast of having one of the widest chromatic ranges in the market. Located in Salamanca, they have the most complete machines on the market to ensure that the filament is always of the highest possible quality. They are present in 24 countries and have a manufacturing capacity of over 600 tons per year. Click here to learn more.


SPEE3D has developed a revolutionary high speed, 3D printing process for metals that makes parts in minutes. SPEE3D printers enable the most affordable metal additive manufacturing process in the world. They make metal parts the fastest way possible, leveraging metal cold spray technology to produce industrial quality metal parts in just minutes, rather than days or weeks. The process harnesses the power of kinetic energy, rather than relying on high-power lasers and expensive gasses. SPEE3D’s technology is suited to industrial and commercial manufacturing of copper or aluminium components. Click here to learn more.


Immensa leverages advanced technologies such as Additive Manufacturing to take physical spare parts and dematerialize them into the digital, on-demand world. Immensa’s Digital Inventory Service is based on a Proprietary Platform that provides End-to-End Solutions to organizations transitioning from physically storing of spare parts to virtual warehousing. They provide Turnkey Solutions to clients, which include Assessment, Design & Development, and Production of Parts on demand. Immensa has the largest team of highly specialized, multi-discipline Additive Manufacturing experts, including a team of Engineers who come from the Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial and Utility Sectors. Their focus as a Company is to provide clients with an effective, efficient, and financially viable transitioning to digital warehousing while economically leveraging Additive Manufacturing technologies. Click here to learn more.

2B Digital

2B Digital holds a prominent position as an Additive Manufacturing company in the United Arab Emirates. They specialize in providing 3D printers, 3D scanners, and digital solutions to their customers. Their focus is on offering value-added engineering digital services, utilizing the most efficient technologies in the field of 3D printing and scanning. With their expertise, they ensure high-quality and innovative solutions for their clients in the UAE. Click here to learn more



Phrozen 3D Printer was founded by a group of Taiwanese 3D printing enthusiasts in 2016. We produce professional consumer-friendly 3D printers for industrial application, medical, and personal use. After running successful Kickstarter campaigns, we have now expanded to the U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea, and more! Our clients include those in the dental industry, the jewelry industry, and those interested in creating digital models. Click here to learn more.

Ai Build

Ai Build is a fast-growing London based Software-as-a-Service company, that is disrupting the Additive Manufacturing industry on a global scale. Their game-changing software AiSync is unique in enabling manufacturing companies to adopt large scale gantry and Robotic 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), across the enterprise, at scale. Using Ai Build, complex parts and structures can now be reliably manufactured from recycled materials, up to 90% faster, with less waste and greater accuracy, providing our clients in Aerospace, Automotive (including F1), Marine, Construction and Energy  sectors, business edge at lower cost. Recognised as “World Class”, Ai Build was recently selected from a global list to be one of only 8 companies to  participate in the ATI Boeing Accelerator program. Click here to learn more.


MCM-Fieldcore, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, specializes in providing instrumentation solutions for high-voltage machinery, condition-based monitoring, instrumentation and control, and oil quality sensing. They are renowned industry leaders in manufacturing partial discharge and magnetic flux monitoring systems for a wide range of equipment, including hydro generators, turbo generators, and high-voltage machinery. MCM-Fieldcore has forged strong and exclusive partnerships with specialized manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom, further enhancing their ability to deliver top-notch instrumentation solutions to their clients. Click here to learn more.

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy is one of the world’s leading energy technology companies. The company works with its customers and partners on energy systems for the future, thus supporting the transition to a more sustainable world. With its portfolio of products, solutions and services, Siemens Energy covers almost the entire energy value chain – from power generation and transmission to storage. The portfolio includes conventional and renewable energy technology, such as gas and steam turbines, hybrid power plants operated with hydrogen, and power generators and transformers. Click here to learn more.


Rotating Machinery Services, Inc.

Established in 1998, Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) aimed to redefine aftermarket turbomachinery by offering unmatched service through strong relationships, sound engineering, and technical prowess. This commitment to excellence influences all aspects of the company, driving decisions. RMS combines modern technology, engineering know-how, and skilled labor to consistently provide optimal outcomes. Fueled by a collaborative spirit, RMS is  agile and devoted to enhancing the rotating machinery sector, with dedicated individuals striving to elevate their skills daily. Click here to learn more.

3D Middle East LLC

A “Digital Manufacturing Solution Provider”, 3D Middle East | 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, & 3D Digital Libraries Experts seeks to integrate digital manufacturing into traditional manufacturing to produce innovative, beneficial, and comprehensive end-to-end engineering solutions. We are assisting our customers in establishing the Factory of the Future in the Middle East and North Africa by providing technological solutions End-to-End as the world  moves toward On-Demand Manufacturing and Zero Inventory Waste. Click here to learn more.



AC3D is developing 3D printing technology to produce 100% cementless, net zero buildings.  Their goal is to help solve the global housing crisis while significantly reducing the GHG output produced by the construction industry. Their vertically integrated tech platform provides home designs, automation technology and printing hardware to produce high-quality homes. 3D construction printing is the next frontier of the construction industry, currently able to print with an average of 60% saved in labor costs and roughly 50% saved in material costs. The technology utilized modular pieces printed on-site to cut project timelines almost in half. Click here to learn more.

Avimetal AM Tech Co. Ltd.

Established in 2015, Avimetal is an enterprise controlled by Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Holding Co., Ltd. (state-owned company), which mainly engages in the research and development of metal additive manufacturing materials, intelligent additive forming equipment and process, and serves a wide range of industries such as aerospace, biomedicine, industrial molding and automobile manufacturing. Click here to learn more

BLOOM Robotics

BLOOM Robotics is a Technology Supplier of Industrial Robotic Systems for Mass Customization. Robotic Systems for Large-Scale and Large-Format 3D Printing, Welding, Milling and gluing with Polymers. Having more than 20 years of experience in system integration and Robotics, they founded 3D Robot Printing in 2012, through which they focused exclusively on Additive Manufacturing (Large-Scale 3D Printing). Driven to develop new and better machines and technologies for Additive Manufacturing, BLOOM Robotics was founded to develop and innovate new technologies, which has become the leading system integrator for turnkey Serial Additive Robotic systems for mass production. Click here to learn more.



Founded in 2014 by four 3D printing enthusiasts, Creality 3D is an internationally renowned 3D Printer Manufacturer, national high-tech enterprise, and a pioneer in the R&D and mass production of FDM and Resin 3D Printers in China. Their range of products also includes, 3D Scanners, Laser Engravers, and Filaments. With four brands of 3D printers: Creality as the master brand, and the three sub-brands of Ender, HALOT and Sermoon, the company has been committed to applying 3D Printers into market, delivering efficient and cost-effective integrated 3D Printing Solutions for individuals, families, schools and enterprises. Having more than 40 patents with Consumer, Industrial and Educational 3D Printers, Creality 3D capitalizes on their innovatively leading technologies and products. Click here to learn more.

Incus GmbH

Incus GmbH, an engineering company based in Vienna, Austria, was founded at the end of 2019 around a unique metal additive manufacturing technology, Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM), that reduces production costs and time for small and mid-scale additive manufacturing of metals. Incus is taking the printing of metal materials to the next level with a new process offering excellent surface aesthetics for complex structures combined with cost-efficiency, reproducibility and manufacturing speed. Based on the concept of photopolymerization, the Incus Hammer machine series and technology enable new possibilities in the 3D printing of metal components across a wide range of applications. Click here to learn more


LAYERX offers an array of services encompassing 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, and Reverse Engineering. Their clientbase includes design consultants, and product design engineers in the pharma-medical, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and consumer manufacturing and visual merchandise sectors. In addition, they provide integrated consultancy, support and advice on material choice, process selection and design optimization. Some of their house services include SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling), Polyjet Colour Printing, and a range of finishing options. Click here to learn more.

Pometon S.p.A.

Since 1940, Pometon S.p.A. has experience with metallic powders which are used in a plethora of industries. Its division Pometon Plus is fully dedicated to the production of spherical metallic powders for 3D printing with VIGA & EIGA technology. Thanks to its specific production processes and its cutting-edge R&D department, Pometon has strategic know-how to meet clients’ needs and can develop unique be-spoke powders. Pometon can produce customised powders for Copper, Steel and Stainless Steel, Cobalt-Chromium, Nickel-Chromium Titanium and Alloys. Located in Italy, Pometon has subsidiaries in UK, Spain, Germany, India, Turkey, Korea and a second production facility in Serbia. Click here to learn more


PROMECH provides top-notch Rapid Product Development solutions along with dedication to customer support in both software & hardware products development & manufacturing in Middle East region to provide business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations with latest affordable technologies worldwide. They play a vital role in implementing the industry 4.0 technologies in Egypt and all across the Middle East with a goal to transform Egypt and the Middle East into a leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub in promising growth sectors, focusing on Industry 4.0. Click here to learn more.

Raplas Technologies Ltd.

Raplas is a company that produces Additive Manufacturing Technologies for various industries. They offer a diverse range of machines and materials used in creating products from plastics, metals, and other materials. Their expertise also includes high-performance materials. Raplas sells its products worldwide through direct channels and a network of specialized distributors. With their global reach, they aim to provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of different industries and customers. Click here to learn more

Suralpadi Equipment Trading Ltd.

Suralpadi offers a selection of superior online services, encompassing premium-grade offerings in the realm of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting Machines, Software, and Manufacturing Solutions. The company instills confidence as a dependable source for diverse needs, ensuring the delivery of precise and optimal products. The company’s commitment to upholding the utmost integrity and ensuring client satisfaction remains unwavering. Their service portfolio includes prominent categories such as Turnkey Solutions, Consultancy Solutions, and Rapid Prototyping Solutions, showcasing the company’s comprehensive and focused approach. Click here to learn more.


Unionfab, China’s leading 3D Printing Manufacturing Company for Rapid Prototyping and On-Demand Production Parts, offers 3D printing, CNC, Casting, Injection Molding and other manufacturing services with rich materials, fast turnaround and low cost. They have over 400 industrial-grade 3D printing equipment for SLM, SLS, MJF, FDM, DLP, Polyjet, CNC, Rapid, Vacuum and Investment Casting, etc., and operate Five Mega-Scale Production factories in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Anhui in China. Unionfab and its parent company Uniontech, the leader in China’s 3D printing industry, occupy 60% of the market share. They provide parts manufacturing services from 1 to 100,000 pieces, helping customers achieve one-stop service from design, rapid prototyping, and direct digital manufacturing. Click here to learn more

Farsoon Technologies

Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of Selective Laser Sintering and Melting that was founded with the clear vision of creating an open platform system which will give the user complete freedom of operation. This means that the user would have access to all parameter settings in the machine as well as being able to use any material source. Farsoon has worked with and developed unique applications for industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial design, manufacturing, medical, architecture, and many more. Click here to learn more.


3DTIV TECH was formed with the primary objective to serve the additive manufacturing industry within the UAE, GCC and East African regions. Their products offer the latest solutions to produce metal alloy, composite and polymer parts. 3DTIV Tech provides open-source machines, as well as several grades of raw materials for prototyping and production for almost any component ready for use in the real world. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers offering state of the art 3D printing machines and raw materials 3DTIV aims to provide turnkey solutions to various industries. Click here to learn more.


Sahara International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM), is a world-class integrated petrochemical leader with a comprehensive and diversified portfolio of more than 15 chemical and polymer products distributed in over 100 countries around the world. The Company was established in 1999 and expanded further in 2019 as a result of the first ever petrochemical merger of equals of two leading publicly listed entities in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi International Petrochemical Company and Sahara Petrochemicals Company. With 24 affiliates and subsidiaries, Sipchem embraces the integration of current and new innovative solutions and procedures to create a persistent chain of value to support the needs of its customers. Sipchem follows the highest standards of safety and environmental protection in all its operations and pays great attention to social responsibility. The company is driven by Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to build national champions with strong local and international reach in a sector that has been identified as a priority for the future economy of Saudi Arabia. Click here to learn more

QingCheng Ltd.

QingCheng Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Non-Destructive Testing Systems and Condition Monitoring Solutions manufacturer and global supplier. A global leader in IIoT Acoustic Emission Online Monitoring Systems of their own design, as well as other NDT systems, their main products are Acoustic Emission (AE) Systems, including various AE Sensors, Pre-Amplifiers, AE Acquisition and Processing Instruments and accessories. The newly developed IoT-AE online monitoring system, RAEM, is a featured product. QingCheng Ltd. also designs and manufactures some Handheld Ultrasonic Devices, Ultrasonic Thickness Detectors and Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors respectively. Their products and solutions have helped many customers in China and worldwide to achieve their purposes in laboratory and in industrial scales. Click here to learn more

HOERBIGER Service Middle East

HOERBIGER is active throughout the world in the energy sector, the process industry, the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering sector, in safety engineering, and in the electrical industry. Their products and services are used in reciprocating compressors, gas flow control units, vehicle drives, rotating unions, explosion protection, gas-powered engines, and in automobile hydraulics. Since 1895, it has been their ambition to deliver excellence for our customers. As a result, they created an environment which allows their employees to develop their full potential and demonstrate initiative: people and success go hand in hand at HOERBIGER. Click here to learn more.

De Pretto Industrie S.r.l.

De Pretto Industrie S.r.l. was established in 1885 when its founder, Silvio De Pretto, started producing Hydraulic Turbines, initially specializing in Loom Reparation. They have been operating in the Energy Sector for more than 130 years, realizing a wide range of complex systems, and played a primary role with constant enhancements to their Turbomachinery and Turbocompressor product line. They offer highly Engineered Solutions, developed and built according to their clients’ needs, guaranteeing flexibility, technical know-how and innovation. Click here to learn more.

EagleBurgmann Middle East FZE

EagleBurgmann, a joint venture of the German Freudenberg Group and the Japanese Eagle Industry Group, is one of the leading international companies for Industrial Sealing Technology. EagleBurgmann Middle East FZE, founded in 1996, aims to provide best in class service and spare parts to its United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar clientele. They offer a wide range of Sealing Solutions: Mechanical Seals and Supply Systems, Magnetic Couplings, Expansion Joints, Diaphragm Couplings, as well as a diverse range of services ranging from After-Sales to Service Agreements. Click here to learn more.

Greene Tweed

Greene Tweed designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance materials and engineered components for demanding industrial applications and harsh environments. All products are built to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, chemical corrosion, and mechanical wear. Rotating equipment is one of their application specialties, including MTBR extension, increasing efficiency or developing new designs for Hydrogen or Carbon capture. With more than 160 years’ experience and 100 patents, Greene Tweed is constantly researching and developing new thermoplastics, composites, and customized components for major industries including aerospace and defense, energy, semiconductor, industrial, life sciences, and chemical processing. Greene Tweed currently employs more than 2000 employees in facilities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Their design and application engineers innovate parts and materials for the industry’s toughest sealing, connectivity, weighting, and wear applications. No matter the industry, Greene Tweed works closely with clients to create industrial solutions that are more resilient, efficient, and sustainable. Click here to learn more.

Nord-Lock Group

Nord-Lock Group is a global leader in bolted solutions, including Superbolt™ mechanical tensioners and Boltight™ hydraulic tensioners. Superbolt was the world’s first to revolutionize nuts and bolts with multi-jackbolt tensioning (MJT), which take high preload requirements and break them down into manageable torques, using the jackbolts threaded through the nut body. Boltight has been at the forefront of hydraulic bolt tensioning for over a decade. Our tensioning tools provide fast, accurate and safe solutions to tighten and loosen multiple bolts simultaneously. We manufacture hydraulic bolt tensioning systems, pumps, hoses, fittings and accessories which are exported all over the world for use in many different industries. Nord-Lock Group’s standard tools are available for immediate delivery with a fast turnaround for the design and manufacture of special tools. Click here to learn more.


IRISS Inc. is a global provider of Electrical Asset Management Solutions that increase safety and reliability while decreasing costs and human error in the inspection and maintenance process. IRISS industrial-grade IR windows facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment when compared to traditional crystal windows. They have a wide range of products exceeding customer expectations while remaining a science-based R&D company with industry leading warranties. Click here to learn more.

NOMAC Maintenance Energy Services

NOMAC, also known as the First National Operation & Maintenance Company, is a renowned provider of top-notch Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services for electricity production and desalinated water on a global scale. With a strong focus on accelerated international expansion, NOMAC is steadily moving closer to achieving its vision of becoming a leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors. The company offers a wide array of services, including long-term O&M, high-tech plant equipment overhauls, and the creation of plant-specific Standard O&M procedures, among others. Click here to learn more.

Tesco Engineering

TESCO Engineering is the Pioneer of OEM independent, high quality Specialized Services for Rotating Equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TESCO ENGINEERING excels at analyzing, re-engineering and refurbishment of your plant’s Fluid & Gas handling equipment to be more efficient & reliable based on the implementation of the latest technology upgrades & materials, field service methodologies and analysis of equipment performance. Combining Skill and Experience with a Passion for solving equipment challenges in their State of the art Workshop facilities in Jubail & Yanbu, their multi-disciplined Specialist Reliability Teams,  with an accumulated experience in excess of 180 years , cover a wide range of Rotating Equipment & Turbo Machinery, including Mechanical Seals, Dry Gas Seals, Maintenance, Refurbishment, and Overhaul (MRO) of Pumps, Compressors, Steam Turbines, Industrial Refrigeration Packages, Gearboxes, Fans, Blowers, and their Auxiliary Systems independent and regardless of OEM. Click here to learn more.

PSM - a Hanwha Company

Power Systems Mfg., LLC, owned by Hanwha Chemical Corporation, is a comprehensive Multi-OEM Gas Turbine Services Provider with worldwide service capabilities. Their customer focus, speed-to-market, transparency and ability to quickly cross-pollinate successful concepts to multiple OEM platforms. Click here to learn more.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s purpose is to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. Their mission is to be a digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency. Schneider Electric drives Digital Transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies, end-point to cloud connecting products, controls, software and services, across the entire lifecycle, enabling integrated company management, for homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industries. The most local of global companies, they are advocates of Open Standards and Partnership Ecosystems and are passionate about their shared Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values. Schneider Electric is recognized as the world’s most sustainable company in 2021 by Corporate Knights Global 100 Index. Click here to learn more.

CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation)

CCC (Compressor Controls Corporation) is the leader in Turbomachinery Train Optimization Services for the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Industries. Process, Controls, Safety & Technology Engineers, and Plant Managers optimize plant efficiency every day utilizing CCC’s expertise. Since 1974, more than 37,000 installations have benefitted from more than two billion hours of CCC’s operational experience. CCC’s optimization services are technology-agnostic. Click here to learn more.

AST Turbo

AST Turbo is an international service provider that supports its customers to successfully execute technically demanding projects. Their target customers are active in the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry and the Energy Sector. AST Turbo’s focus is to keep their process gas compressors and steam turbines running reliably at peak availability and the lowest cost of ownership. With highly qualified employees and a strong network of partners around the world AST Turbo delivers consistent high quality worldwide. Click here to learn more.

Energy Control Technologies, (ECT)

Energy Control Technologies (ECT) specializes in Turbomachinery Control Systems, Plant Air Control Systems, and Centrifugal Control Systems. Having Control Engineers with a collective experience of 250+ years, ECT performed a detailed evaluation of different control offerings in the market, and developed world-class products that meet or exceed control specification requirements defined by End-Users, EPCs and OEMs. Click here to learn more.

Framo AS

Framo, a leader in Pumping Systems for the Marine and Offshore Industry for more than half a century, has been supplying to Chemical and Product Tankers worldwide. They service for Oil and Gas installations includes, Installation (Onshore and Offshore), Commissioning (Onshore and Offshore), Start-up, Maintenance, Repair, Modification, Optimization of Pump Systems, Annual Inspections, Condition Monitoring, Training, Spare Part Production and Spare Part Distribution. Click here to learn more.

ITH -Bolting_Technology

ITH Bolting Technology Middle East

ITH Bolting Technology is the worldwide leading system supplier for Industrial Bolting with four key competencies: High-Quality Bolting Solutions, Comprehensive Engineering Know-How, Innovative Fasteners, and Qualified Services. As a private-owned engineering company with a long-term business strategy, the global ITH network includes 12 ITH subsidiaries and more than 40 global representations. With more than 200 international patents ITH is among the most important drivers of innovation in industrial bolting technology. The ITH scope covers: Bolting Tools (Bolt Tensioning Cylinders, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches; Electric, Battery-Driven, and Pneumatic Nut Runners, Fasteners, Engineering Solutions and Service. ITH stretch method (hydraulic torsion-free and friction-free tensioning), introduced in 1980, is the leading method to tighten and loosen bolted joints on slewing bearings, gas & steam turbines, and flange applications. Click here to learn more.



MANN+HUMMEL, a leading global company in Filtration Technology, offer air and molecular filtration technologies for industrial applications, such as power generation, microelectronics or operating rooms, along with solutions for filter media and simulation technologies, liquid filters, air filtration and intake systems for various mobility and industrial applications, and membrane technologies for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment and use in sensitive process applications. Click here to learn more.

NEXT Engineering Equipment Trading

NEXT Engineering Equipment Trading is an ISO 9001:2015 and ICV certified company. A leading and approved supplier of equipment, technology and services to MENA energy value chain, NEXT’s offerings include Turbomachinery Control Systems, Analyzer and GC’s Integration plus CEMS, Custody Transfer Metering Skids, Multi-Phase Flow Meter Skids, High Compression Fittings, DBB’s & Manifolds, Solenoid Operated Valves (SOVs), Pressure Relief Safety Valves, Triple Eccentric Butterfly and Gate Valves, Control & Switchgear Manufacturing, including Substation Automation, Cable Protection Systems, Process and Electrical Panels and Enclosures. Click here to learn more.

Petrotech Inc.

Petrotech Inc. provides customized control system solutions in a full turnkey package, from engineering concept to installation and commissioning. Their products include Integrated Control Systems for Gas, Hydro and Steam Turbines, Generators, Reciprocating / Diesel Engines, Compressors, Centrifugal and Axial Compressors, Pumps and all associated Ancillary Systems. Their turnkey services include Engineering Design (Software and Hardware), Project Management, Control Panel Fabrication, System Integration, Site I&E Services, Commissioning, Training, Customer Service and Startup. Click here to learn more.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions

SDT  provides ultrasound solutions that give our customers a greater understanding about the health of their factory. They help Anticipate Failures, Control Energy Costs and Improve Product Quality while contributing to the overall uptime of assets. SDT’s ultrasound solutions helps enhance Condition Monitoring capabilities and gain an enormous advantage over competitors who still employ a Run-to-Failure Asset Management Strategy. They have a wide range of cutting-edge products and provide solutions such as Mechanical Condition Monitoring, Bearing Lubrication Monitoring, Air and Gas Lead Detection, Electrical Fault Detection, Steam Trap Testing, Valve Condition Monitoring, Hydraulics Systems Monitoring, Tanks Tightness Testing, Marine Applications, and more. Click here to learn more.

Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.

Ansaldo Energia  S.p.A. is a leading international player in the power generation industry: its integrated model embraces turnkey power plants construction, power equipment (gas & steam turbines, generators and microturbines), manufacturing, service and activities in the nuclear and renewables sector. They have international presence through local companies and branch offices: in Italy, where Group headquarters and the two subsidiaries Ansaldo Nucleare and Ansaldo Green Tech are; in China, with the two joint ventures Ansaldo Gas Turbine Technology and Shanghai Electric Gas Turbine; in Switzerland, in the United Kingdom, in Russia and in the United Arab Emirates. Click here to learn more.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has been turning industrial ideas into business-critical benefits since 1873. They are pioneers and technology drivers, providing a range of products, including market-leading compressors, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly systems, to name a few. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers in more than 180 countries, their mission is to achieve sustainable growth, which means innovating with a long-term perspective and supporting their customers’ to meet their sustainability ambitions. Click here  to learn more.

3- Burckhardt Compression

Burckhardt Compression AG

Burckhardt Compression AG creates leading Compression Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future and the long-term success of its customers. Together with its brands Burckhardt Compression, PROGNOST, SAMR Métal Rouge and Shenyang Yuanda Compressor, the Group is the only global manufacturer that covers a full range of Reciprocating Compressor Technologies and Services. Its customized and modularized Compressor Systems are used in the Chemical/Petrochemical, Gas Transport & Storage, Hydrogen Mobility & Energy and Industrial Gas sectors as well as for applications in Refinery and Gas Gathering & Processing. Since 1844, its passionate, customer-oriented and solution-driven workforce has set the benchmark in the gas compression industry. Click here to learn more.

Camfil Middle East FZE


Renowned as a top-tier producer of high-quality clean air solutions, Camfil offers industrial and commercial air filtration and pollution control systems. These solutions not only enhance worker efficiency and equipment functionality but also curtail energy consumption, promoting human well-being and environmental integrity. The company’s core belief aligns solutions beneficial for clients with those advantageous for the planet. Throughout the product lifecycle, from conception to distribution, the company maintains a vigilant awareness of their impact on both humanity and the globe. By embracing inventive strategies, advanced design, meticulous process management, and unwavering customer orientation, their mission is to preserve resources, optimize usage, and ultimately create a breath-friendlier world. Click here to learn more.


CRYOSTAR is recognised for its position as a leader and its ability to innovate. They provide high-tech Cryogenic Equipment and Services to major Gas Companies and benefit from a worldwide presence backed by our extensive customer service network. As the market leader, they develop a wide range of equipment for the Process Industry, offering their customers a wide and advanced range of pumps, turbines, compressors, vaporisers, heat exchangers and filling stations. Experts in Cryogenic Rotating Machines and Solutions for applications in Medical and Industrial Gas, Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Clean Energy, Cryostar constantly strives to set the highest standards, now and in the future, with a firm commitment to the Gases and Renewable Energy Industries. Click here to learn more.


Dynamics Scientific, Inc.

Dynamics Scientific, Inc. promotes the Technology of Safe Resource-saving Operation and Maintenance of Machinery (SROMM – tech) among petroleum refineries and petrochemicals. The SROMM-tech is based on the real-time diagnostic COMPACS system, which we deploy in every facility of an entire plant on a turn-key basis. The COMPACS system measures a wide range of vibration and other informative parameters, analyses them, and deliver in real-time prescriptions to operators and maintenance staff about urgent corrective actions to be taken to eliminate existing destructive forces or to inhibit machinery’ degradation. Click here to learn more.

Franal Alignment & Automation FZE

Franal Alignment has been a leading company providing all kinds of services, including shaft alignment, belt alignment, geometric measurement, and calibration to the world’s leading industries. Their industrial expertise has built a reputation for delivering innovative technology and expertise. Having a team of highly-trained engineers committed to providing services using proven and documented methods and state-of-the-art equipment, they strive to deliver the most accurate and high-quality machinery diagnostic services to their customers. Click here to learn more.

Hydro Middle East

Hydro is dedicated to the pump aftermarket. Having a diversified and in-depth pump knowledge that is unique in to the industry, as an independent company, Hydro has, from the outset, developed a knowledge base that includes experience across a broad spectrum of pump manufacturers and pump designs. Their mission is to work hand-in-hand with their valued customers to optimize the Performance and Reliability of their Pumping Systems by evaluating and understanding root causes of pump degradation or failure and by providing unbiased engineering analysis, quality workmanship, and responsive field service for improved plant operation. Hydro’s worldwide facilities allows them to provide expert pump services to a variety of industries and applications. Click here to learn more.


Coleherne Group specialises in the design, manufacture, repair and reverse engineering of white metal bearings that are used in large rotating equipment around the world. Based in Oman, Hydro Coleherne LLC offers the latest 3D-scanning and CADCAM technical capability alongside our long-established expertise in centrifugal casting and CNC machining to deliver design, reverse engineering, manufacturing, repair, technical support and face-to-face training to OEMs, service companies and end-users in the GCC. Our white metal bearing service team based in Oman support turbines, generators, compressors, pumps users in the power generation, industry, oil & gas and petrochemical industries across the middle east. Click here to learn more.


HYTORC Middle East FZE

HYTORC makes industrial bolting safer and simpler. With 50 years of experience focused entirely on developing the highest quality industrial bolting systems, HYTORC is the most trusted name in the industry. From steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, power plants, and wind turbines; they have developed solutions for every bolting application imaginable. For custom projects, HYTORC’s highly experienced engineering team is at service to design the most efficient solution for one’s job with simple operation and economical pricing in mind.          Click here to learn more.

Lube-Power, Inc.

Lube-Power, Inc., based in southeast Michigan, has been a top manufacturer of engineered lube oil systems. They specialize in API 614 / ISO 10438 lube oil systems, Seal Support Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Rundown Tanks, Pressure Vessels, and Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems. Lube-Power, Inc. offers full support in both the day-to-day operations and the continued product maintenance. The quality of their products and competitive pricing makes them the preferred partner for engineered lubrication solutions. Customer service is one of their main priorities. Their aim is to build and maintain strong relationships with all of their clients. Click here to learn more.

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Medisky L.L.C.

Medisky ® L.L.C. has become a well-known and referenced Aftermarket Manufacturer company in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas Markets for Inland and Aeroderivative Gas Turbines. For more than 10 years, they have been providing high quality Hot Gas Path Blades & Vanes and Combustion Chambers in some of the best foundries and machining shops in Western Europe. A vast and reliable network of European suppliers allows Medisky to deliver to its customers complete spare parts solution for the Overhauling of a wide range of Gas Turbines, in particular GE Gas Turbines and Siemens V94.2. In addition, MEDISKY together with its partners is able to provide a wide range of services for Control Systems and effective solutions for all electronic and electrical problems on Gas Turbines. Click here to learn more.

Meraki Global Energy LLC

Meraki Global Energy LLC (MGE) is a certified company, holding ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications, committed to providing comprehensive supply and services for the Energy Sector. Primarily serving the Middle East market, they have a wide range of capabilities to provide Engineered Solutions as well as a comprehensive scope of systems that meets their clients’ needs. They offer end-to-end solutions towards sourcing of supply & servicing of Diverter Dampers & Exhaust systems, Balance of Plant, Rotating Equipment Spares, Auxiliary Systems, Skids & Complete Packaging to their apparent customers. Click here to learn more.

P-DICTOR Co., Ltd.

P-DICTOR is a subsidiary of PTT, P-DICTOR is Predictive Maintenance and Machine Monitoring solution provider by machine learning system which is a proven innovation digital technology for Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical and Power Generation industry that helps client to prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance cost. Lead by experienced Engineers, IT Specialists and Data Scientists who are familiar with various machine types, such as Gas Turbine, Power Turbine, Compressor, Pump, Power Generator, MV&LV Motor and Instrumentation, they are ready to cater to their clients in developing Digital Technologies to improve Plant Reliability and Transforming Organizations to Digital Era. Click here to learn more.


Rotoflow, an Air Products Business, combines the industry’s most trusted name in Turbomachinery with world-leading Industrial Gas expertise. Backed by more than 125 years of combined experience, they have collectively built over 4,000 expanders and offer world-class mean time between failures measured at over 20 years. Their proven designs have millions of successful hours of operation, with more than 3,000 units currently operating worldwide, for the Industrial Gas, LNG, Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical, and Energy Markets. Click here to learn more.

SolidWorld Middle East

SolidWorld Middle East supports businesses with their technological process of product development through numerous integrated solutions, including 3D Scanning and 3D Printing. Their mission is to offer the most modern hardware and software technologies connected to Industry 4.0, alongside assistance and continuous training. At the heart of SolidWorld Middle East is the concept of three-dimensionality in all the solutions used for the phases of ideation, forecasting, reverse engineering, prototyping, industrialization, quality control, 3d printing and customized production. Having a mission to introduce the best 3D Technologies in the Gulf, Solid World 3D are resellers of 3D printers (Stratasys, 3D scanners-Peel / Creaform / Hexagon) in the UAE with more than 20 years of global experience. Click here to learn more.

TECMO Arabia Ltd.

TECMO Arabia Ltd., established in 1980 as a joint venture between FIAT TTG and A. H. Al-Gosaibi & Bros. Co. with the main propose of providing local qualified support and facilities for the erection, operation and maintenance of Gas Turbine Power Plants, is of the leading contractors in the field of Power Generation, specialized in Gas Turbines and Generators Operation & Maintenance and services, in addition to Diesels, Pumps, Compressors and miscellaneous rotating equipment supply, erection & commissioning and operating in this field more than 39 years and have technical staff covering mechanical / electrical and instrumentation works. Click here to learn more.

UE Systems Inc.

UE Systems manufactures and offers a wide selection of ultrasound inspection tools ranging from the world-renown Ultraprobe series, the UltraView Cameras, accessories and software to our line of online sensors, including customized units for specialized continuous monitoring. Whether you’re looking for a portable instrument to enhance your condition monitoring or energy conservation program or for online, continuous monitoring you will find what you’re looking for here. Click here to learn more.

W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH

Founded in 1958, W. L. Gore & Associates is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives, with more than 12,000 Associates spanning five continents and thousands of products across industries — from high-performance fabrics to implantable medical devices and products that reduce emissions, explore space and solve other complex challenges. They have More than 3,500 unique inventions worldwide in a wide range of fields, including performance fabrics, electronics, medical devices and polymer processing. Click here to learn more.

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-quality vibration monitoring products and accessories that are trusted by Reliability and Maintenance Engineers. Their solutions are at work in predictive maintenance and condition monitoring programs around the world. Their reliable accelerometers, the vibration sensing products of choice for customers across many industries and applications, are used to measure the vibration of rotating machines, including bearings, gears, gearboxes, turbines, and shafts. For 60 years, customers have relied on the product guidance and application support from their experienced team of professionals. Click here to learn more.